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Alibaba Launches First U.S. Online Marketplace

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings based in China is launching its first direct to consumer U.S. online marketplace Wednesday, said media reports.

The new website will run as an online marketplace that is similar to TMall from Alibaba that is based in China. TMall offers virtual storefronts for its merchants who set prices of their own and handle all the logistics for close to everything but the payments.

The new website had a sign on its home page of opening soon early in the morning on Wednesday. The site had a message that said the shop owners were currently unpacking while trying to be settled in.

A spokesperson for Alibaba directed questions to the 11 Main representatives who were not immediately available to respond.

Alibaba’s initial public offering in the U.S. that is still in the planning stages has caused the most excitement and interest on Wall Street since the record IPO by Facebook in 2012.

Once Alibaba goes public it will be the largest corporation from China listed on a U.S. stock exchange.

In China, the e-commerce giant has adopted a sales tactic that is volume based, but 11 Main is clearly something of a different sort as it will be more of a high-end endeavor.

The e-commerce company stressed that it would be providing boutique and specialty stores that are handpicked. In one of its press releases, the new online marketplace in the U.S. said it was a marketplace that was invitation only, as it carefully selects its merchants giving it some of the country’s best and diverse boutiques available to online shoppers.

The site, which is currently just in beta, will feature a broad range of different products including items that are one of a kind that are not available on other e-commerce website or mass merchants.

The company said that 11 Main will offer shops in a wide variety of categories that included Home, Outdoor, Fashion & Style, Watches and Jewelry, Art and Collecting, Baby and Kids, Toys and Hobbies and much more.

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