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Cavaliers Sign Wiggins Trade Rumors Persist

wigginsThe Cleveland Cavaliers signed the top overall pick in the 2014  NBA draft Andrew Wiggins from Kansas. Wiggins has been at the center of the potential trade between the Cavaliers and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It is rumored that Wiggins along with last years top overall pick Anthony Bennett would go to Minnesota for center Kevin Love. Now that Wiggins has signed with the Cavs he cannot be traded for 30 days per NBA rules.

Wiggins is a hot commodity because of his athletic ability and his advanced defensive ability for a young player. Because of NBA salary cap regulations if the Cavaliers trade for Love they have match Love’s salary with players that would be traded to Minnesota.

Wiggins rookie year salary is 5.5 million dollars. Love is scheduled to make 15.7 million dollars next season.

The Cavaliers are not the only team in the Love sweepstakes. The Chicago Bulls made an intersting offer for Love. Chicago is rumored to have offered Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott, and Nickola Mirotic for Love.

Gibson is considered a rising star in the NBA, McDermott was the Bulls first round pick in the recent NBA draft and Mirotic was star in Europe for Real Madrid.

The Golden State Warriors are also players for Love. A key player that the Timberwolves want from the Warriors is shooting guard Klay Thompson but so far Golden State is reluctant to add him in a package for Love.


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