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Chris Johnson Remains an Elite Runner

chris johnsonLast season, Chris Johnson was held to an average of less than 4.0 yards per carry. That was the first time during his professional career of six NFL seasons he has been held under 4.0 yards per carry.

His production on offense has dwindled to the point the Tennessee Titans made a decision that the tailback was no longer good enough to play for the team.

Johnson was given a fresh start or a new life, depending on how you see it, by the New York Jets.

His new teammates in the Big Apple have already become Johnson believers. They say Johnson will have a comeback season and that the runner still has want is needed to play in the league.

David Harris a linebacker with the Jets said that Johnson still has the tools to play. He added that he and his fellow teammates noticed from day 1 when in Cortland, that Johnson remains the fastest guy on the playing field and has plenty of juice left in his legs.

Sheldon Richardson another Jets teammate who plays defensive end said if Johnson gets beyond the defense no one would catch him from behind.

However, that is where the problem was with the Titans organization. Johnson’s forays deep into the defense have been almost non-existent of late.

In 2009, Johnson led the NFL with 7 runs of 40 yards or more. However, since that time he has managed only 8 combined over the past four NFL seasons. Last season Johnson did not have a single rush for 40 yards or more all season.

Little doubt remains that Johnson maintains his elite speed. If he is able to avoid contact nearer the line he could find himself alone deep in the defensive side of the field and outrunning his defenders to the end zone.

Johnson has rushed for at least 1,000 yards in each of his first six seasons in the league. This year should be no different.

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