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Cowboys DeVonte Holloman Told To Retire

DeVonte-Holloman1DeVonte Holloman, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys has been told by team doctors that he should retire as a result of the accumulation of injuries to the neck.

Holloman, only 23 years old, sought a 2nd opinion which concurred with the initial diagnosis, also telling Holloman that he should step away from the game. Holloman is currently seeking a 3rd opinion on the off chance that anybody thinks that he could still play football professionally.

Holloman missed 7 games his rookie season as a result of a bruised spinal cord, but did manage to return for, and start, the final 2 games of the season. In in the season finale against the Philadelphia Eagles, Holloman posted a career high 11 tackles as well as getting 2 sacks.

In the offseason, Holloman has been participating, even noting that he had almost learned to tackle properly again, but has been suffering from a literal pain in the neck in recent weeks, forcing him to sit out part of the preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Coach of the Cowboys Jason Garrett commented about how the neck has been affecting Holloman:

“I don’t want to get into anything medical about it,” Garrett said. “I don’t know that much about it, and there’s a lot of very specific things regarding that. But it has to do with his neck and he had that injury last year and he dealt with it again this year. It’s a very challenging, difficult thing for a young man who has dreams of being an NFL football player, achieves those dreams.”

Holloman was looked at being a likely replacement for linebacker Sean Lee who was injured back in May and will miss the entire season.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys and Holloman, is looking like the promising players young career may come to a premature end.

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