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Cruise Ship Passenger Allegedly Beaten, Strangled and Raped

Ketut Pujayasa allegedly beat, strangled and raped a passenger on board a cruise ship. He is reported to have then attempted to throw the female overboard.

Pujayasa is a worker on the cruise ship and has reportedly made a confession about his actions. He apparently carried out the beating, strangling and rape due to a perceived insult towards his family, said a Florida newspaper.

The woman suffered such a bad beating during the assault on Valentine’s Day that authorities had to airlift her from Honduras to a Florida hospital.

The ship worker is reported to have told investigators that he became upset with a woman shouted, “Wait a second, son of a bitch.” when he knocked on the passenger’s door to serve breakfast. He told police that the remark was not only an insult towards him but towards his family also.

He told the investigators his initial thought was to punch the woman, but since the area was crowded, he used a master key to gain entry to her cabin and to hide on her balcony.

When his victim returned to the cabin later that night, he is alleged to have beaten her with things he found inside her cabin, including a laptop and curling item. He then used a phone cord to strangle her to silence her screams.

FBI agents said the woman hit the man in his genitals and tried to fend him off using a corkscrew.

Following the attack, the cruise ship worker allegedly attempted to throw the woman overboard into the Caribbean waters off the Honduran coast.

The attacker however stopped after someone knocked on the passenger’s door. Pujayasa said he climbed over the balcony to flee and that helped identify him on surveillance images.

The unidentified victim then ran to the corridor and was given first aid by a passenger.

The woman feared she would die and told the passenger to tell her family that she love all of them.

Authorities later detained the Holland America Line employee on board the ship and he remained on the cruise ship until he was returned to Florida where he was charged with aggravated sexual abuse and attempted murder.


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