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Curt Schilling Blames Oral Cancer On Chewing Tobacco

Curt-SchillingCurt Schilling the former pitching ace with the Boston Red Sox revealed that he has oral cancer, which he said was the result of chewing tobacco for more than 30 years. A habit the former Red Sox hurler said he wished he had never started.

He told a local media outlet that he believes without any doubt that chewing tobacco is what gave him his cancer. He added that he wished he could turn the tide around and never have dipped in his life.

Schilling told the news outlet that he has already gone through radiation and chemotherapy for seven weeks to treat his squamous cell carcinoma, which is a cancer of the lining of his mouth. Dr. Robert Haddad, the doctor handling Schilling’s cancer is from the Dana Farber Institute of Cancer and said the prognosis for the pitcher was very good.

Schilling added that it could have been much worse. It could have been one of his children and not him.

While speaking on a local sports radio talk show he said he did not mention his diagnosis for a number of months because he did not want other to feel sorry for him. He was originally diagnosed back in February.

He also did not want to become part of the debate on chewing tobacco.

Schilling said he started dipping while in high school. He said tobacco chewing became habit-forming for him and did not stop despite bleeding from the gums and losing his sense of smell.

The former pitcher for the Bosox described a number of months of treatments. He lost 75 pounds during his radiation and chemo treatments and said he remained in the hospital for six months after developing a staph infection and other side effects.

Schilling even said that for one week he has no recollection of what happened during his treatment.

Tony Gwynn a Hall of Famer recently died of cancer that he said was caused by his years of chewing tobacco.

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