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Dallas Cowboys Worth the Most In NFL

dallas-cowboys-660x400The Dallas Cowboys have not reached the playoffs in five seasons, yet the team, owned by Jerry Jones, is back at the top as the most valuable team in the league.

Dallas was valued at $3.2 billion, an increase of 36% over last season to lead the NFL on the Forbes lift of team values, which they released on Wednesday.

The Cowboys lead the way by a large margin and are on top for the eighth straight season. The Cowboys increased in value by over $900 million and are the only team in the NFL worth over $3 billion.

Despite the fact that Dallas has not won a Super Bowl since 1996, Dallas remains second in world sport franchise value to only Spain’s Real Madrid.

Dallas also had the highest revenue of any NFL team with $560 million and an operating income that is tops in the league at $246 million. This season the Cowboys became the first team in the NFL to have a partnership with a worldwide cruise line and luxury watch.

Following the Cowboys in the top five were the New England Patriots in second at $2.6 billion, the Washington Redskins in third at $2.4 billion, the New York Giants in fourth at $2.1 billion and the Houston Texans in fifth at $1.85 billion.

The four teams in the NFC East are ranked amongst the top seven NFL teams, as Philadelphia was seventh with a value of $1.75 billion.

Forbes said the average franchise in the NFL was now worth $1.43 billion, which is a new all time high and is 23% higher than last year and the largest increase year to year since 1999.

The NFL average value per team is higher than the top 20 world soccer teams, which is $1.05 billion, MLB teams at $811 million and the NBA at $634 million.

Just seven NFL teams are valued at less than $1 billion.

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