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Driver of Tesla S Dies Following Crash

A man by the name of Joshua Flot was killed after stealing a Tesla Model S and crashing the vehicle in Los Angeles. The accident injured seven other people.

Officials in law enforcement from the Coroner’s office in Los Angeles County confirmed Flot’s death July 7.

A spokesperson for Tesla said the electric carmaker was saddened by the death and injuries suffered due to the July 4 theft and subsequent crash.

Flot had stolen the vehicle from the service center of Tesla in Los Angeles early on July 4. He outran police prior to crashing into other vehicles in West Hollywood.

The Tesla car was split into two after running into a steel pole, which resulted in a luxury sedan being set ablaze.

This incident has revived the doubt over the safety of the Tesla model and the technology of electric cars.

In 2013, Tesla was the best selling electric carmaker despite multiple issues that involved fire in three model S vehicles.

However, regulators in the U.S. ruled that the car that burned in November inside a garage in southern California was not caused by the car’s battery being defective.

Elon Musk the CEO at Tesla also defended the accident in Seattle that caused a fire, saying a conventional car could have been resulted in a worse fire.

Regulators from the U.S. who review car safety said no changes were needed aside from the addition of a shield made of titanium to add strength to the battery pack in the car.

One of the people injured in the accident said that part of the Tesla, after splitting, smashed into the roof of his car and knocked him unconscious.

He did not regain consciousness until being extracted from the car by firemen.

In a separate incident, three members of a family riding in a Toyota Corolla were killed after a Tesla S from 2013 rear-ended their Corolla.

That crash took place on July 4 in Palmdale, California. The driver of the Tesla suffered just minor injuries.

Authorities did say they would speak with federal officials over the two accidents.

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