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Ft Hood Shooting Kills 4 and Wounds 16

Four military personnel were killed and 16 more wounded in a Wednesday afternoon shooting spree in Killeen, Texas, on the Fort Hood military base

The military base, which is located close to Waco, was sealed off immediately and put on lock down for close to four hours until leaders sounded the all clear.

Authorities identified the shooter as Spc. Iván López a combat veteran. After shooting at over 20 people, Lopez later committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Officials said Lopez died from a single gunshot wound.

The gun used in the shooting spree was a Smith and Wesson .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol. Lopez had recently purchased the weapon in the local area and it was not registered on base, said officials.

In November of 2009, a psychiatrist in the military proclaimed his own jihad against the U.S. at the base and killed 13. Military officials however stressed that this shooting seemed to be unrelated to any terrorism and could have been a personal dispute.

Officials said the gunman entered a unit building and opened fire, went to his vehicle, fired from his vehicle, exited the vehicle, walked inside another unit building, open fired once again where he was engaged by local law enforcement.

Lopez was going through an evaluation for PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which a Lieutenant described as a process that was quite lengthy. He said the soldier, whom he did not name at any time during a briefing, was also undergoing psychiatric treatment for anxiety and depression and a number of other psychiatric and psychological issues.

Lopez served in Iraq for four months during 2011. He was on active duty and assigned to the Fort Hood 13th Sustainment Command.

The shooting tragedy ended when a police officer, who was female, drew a weapon. In response, said authorities, the shooter put up his hands and then reached from under his jacket. He took out another gun and put it to his head.

Lt. General Milley called the action of the female police officer heroic.

Three of the four dead died at area hospitals, while seven of the injured were at a nearby hospital receiving treatment. Three injured remain in critical condition and are being maintained via respirators.

Five people are in serious condition due to wounds to the chest, necks, abdomen and extremities. Others, who were injured, but not transported to local hospitals, were being treated by base medical personnel.


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