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Garrett Richards Sustains Patellar Tendon Injury

Garrett-RichardsGarrett Richards a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels will fly back on Thursday to Los Angeles for an examination by the team’s doctors for what Mike Scioscia the team manager called an injury that was significant to the patellar tendon in his left knee.

Richards hurt his knee Wednesday night in a game versus the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, while covering first base during the second inning.

Brock Holt hit a grounder to Albert Pujols at first base. Pujols fielded the ball and threw to second to force the Boston runner who had been on first.

Richards never made it to first to cover for Pujols as he dropped to the ground while grabbing his knee in pain.

Scioscia said Richards was distraught following the Angels win over Boston 8-3. Scioscia added that Richards knows the injury is bad.

However, the Angels manager would not speculate on if Richards could be out for the remainder of the season or not. Jered Weaver a teammate said Richards was in tears prior to going to a Boston hospital.

Trainers said that the knee might require some form of surgery. A patellar tendon that is torn almost always will require surgery plus a recovery of as much as six months.

Mike Trout, the designated hitter for the Angels has roomed with the pitcher since both played Double-A together. He said when he saw Richards go down, he got sick to his stomach.

Weaver said he was distracted by the play as it went from first base to second and over to third, but he heard a scream of pain come from Richards and saw the pitcher lying on the ground clutching a knee.

Richards was down for a number of minutes with all the Los Angeles players who had been on the field surrounding him.

He was then carted off on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

Richards will be missed if he is lost for the season, as he started Wednesday’s game with a record of 13-4 and an ERA of 2.53.

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