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General Motors Tells Dealers to Stop Cruze Sales

General Motors told its dealers in Canada and the U.S. to stop its sales for 2013 as well as 2014 Chevrolet Cruzes due to a potential defect found in the air bags that Takata the beleaguered supplier of air bags made.

Jim Cain a spokesperson for GM said that certain vehicles might be equipped with an airbag inflator module that is suspect on the driver’s side that when assembled there was an incorrect piece included.

The supplier of the part that was defective is working diligently to identify the actual models that were affected and it hopes to resume deliveries by the end of the week.

GM notified its dealers of the order to stop sales on Tuesday. It said it has been able to identify 33,000 Cruzes of which most are in Canada or the U.S. that might have been assembled with parts that were faulty and said it believed it was close to making an identification on all of the problem vehicles.

Once GM does that, it can lift its no sale order due to dealers knowing what cars they have to isolate and sell those Cruzes that are fine.

An order to stop sales in not the same as a recall and GM has not made any comment thus far regarding whether the suspect part was in any vehicles that have already been sold.

The halt however, could dent the sales of GM for June. The Cruze, introduced during 2009, is the top-selling car for GM and its No. 2 selling vehicle. The top selling overall vehicle of any kind is the Chevy Silverado pickup.

Through the end of May, GM has sold 119,330 Cruzes or 18.4% over what is sold during the first five months of last year.

The issue with the air bag is another issue not related to the chemical propellant degradation the air bags from Takata had on older cars that caused a recall earlier in the week and has caused since 2008 seven automakers to make recalls totally over 10 million cars globally.

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