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GlaxoSmithKline Accused of Bribing Doctors

A former worker with GlaxoSmithKline the pharmaceutical giant said the company bribed doctors in order to promote the use of their drugs in Europe.

Poland doctors were allegedly given money to promote Seretide, the GSK asthma drug under a guise of a funding for one of their educational programs, claimed a former rep with the company.

Medics also were paid to give lectures in Poland that never existed. Lodz prosecutors are investigating and 11 doctors have been charged along with a regional manager of GSK in connection with the alleged corruption.

The pharmaceutical company, which has sales of more than $41 billion, is currently facing allegations of bribery in Iraq and China.

The most recent claims are from Jarek Wisniewiski, who was employed by GSK as a sales rep in 2004 until 2012.

In 2010, Wisniewiski was involved with a marketing program for GSK that promoted Seretide across all of Poland. He said money had been provided for the education of patients about the medication but claimed in reality to paying doctors to write prescriptions for their medicines.

The former sales rep said he paid for the education at the same meeting saying he needed more prescriptions for the medication Seretide.

Another former drug rep at GSK, who would not be identified claimed the company paid local medical care providers for lectures that never took place, which would help result in more prescriptions.

Wisniewiski claims he told GSK of his unhappiness with his arrangement and caused him to be sidelined and later fired.

GSK has said it ran a program between 2010 and 2012 in Poland to help diagnostic standards to be improved and medical training for patient’s benefits that were suffering from respiratory disease.

Some sessions, said a GSK spokesperson, were delivered by healthcare professionals who were given payments that were appropriated to the type of work performed as well as their experience and knowledge. The session under the current program were agreed to with the health care centers.


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