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GSK Scandal in China Heats Up with Sex Tape

GlaxoSmithKline the pharmaceutical giant has confirmed a sex tape exists of its former chief in China, which is just another twist in the corruption scandal inside China.

The video, which was secretly filmed of Mark Reilly with his Chinese girlfriend, was sent via email to a number of senior executives in the Britain based firm last year in March.

Reilly is accused of ordering his staff to bribe officials at hospitals in order for them to purchase products from GSK.

GSK announced it was continuing its cooperation with authorities in China.

The issues that relate to our business in China are quite difficult and very complicated, read a statement from the company on Monday.

The new revelation has added to the scandal surrounding the GSK business in China, which over the last year has completely unraveled.

GSK had reportedly authorized Reilly to employ Peter Humphrey an investigator from Britain who is based in China investigate the video’s origin.

However, Humphrey was not able to establish who had planted the video camera in the bedroom of Reilly, said sources close to the situation.

Humphrey and his wife Yu Yingzeng, who is American, were arrested by authorities in China last year in August.

According to state media in China, the couple was accused of selling people’s personal information to clients through different research companies.

Authorities in China launched a complete investigation into the GSK scandal last year in July over allegations of bribery and detained four Chinese executives from GSK.

When the Chinese investigation first started, the operation of GSK in China had been accused by authorities in China of using consultancies and travel agencies to pay $489 million in bribes over the past 7 years.

GSK apologized previously for its employees inside China that acted outside their internal controls. However, it denied that money was anywhere close to as high as what were alleged.

GSK is being investigation criminally for similar type allegations in Poland.

Shares of GlaxoSmithKline dipped on Monday after the pharmaceutical giant admitted that a sex tape existed and was the center of the corruption scandal engulfing its business in China.

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