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Houston Texans J.J. Watt Wants Long-Term Deal

JJ-WattJ.J. Watt the defensive end for the Houston Texans does not see the need to be involved with negotiations for a new contract now. However, he does hope Houston will reward him as a number of other teams have with their draft picks of 2011.

Watt said he felt that with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement he thinks a goal was to make players earn their wage. No more up front big paydays, make players go out and play and show they earned it, said the talented defender.

Therefore, if a team gives a sizable contract following the three years they are telling the player we believe you earned the raise.

He said was not sure if the Texans felt that way, but he sure hoped he had done all the work he could do and earned it.

Watt was selected 11th overall in the 2011 and the Texans picked up an option of five years on his contract that locked him in at a $6.969 million salary for 2015. That will be his last year of his original rookie deal.

Watt holds leverage in the negotiation with Houston for a new contract. He is likely considered the best interior lineman in a 3-4 defensive system and the Texans could not afford to play without him. However, Watt does not feel it is the time to wield his leverage by being a holdout.

If he did that, he would lose valuable time with his fellow teammates and he wants to practice and be out there with the players. He wants to work with the rookies and other with less experience so he can help them become better players.

He insists he wants to remain a Houston Texans. He wants to play football, he wants to do the best he can and that is not possible holding out and sitting on a couch.

One thing both sides agree about, Watts as well the Houston Texan organization wants him to remain a Texan for his entire career.

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