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Jimmy Johnson Won’t Be Joining Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor

jimmy johnsonJimmy Johnson coached the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl titles and has previously stated he expected to one day join the Cowboys Ring of Honor. Apparently team owner Jerry Jones doesn’t  have the same idea. Jones spoke to the matter in an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

“I don’t have plans for Jimmy to be in the Ring of Honor. The criteria that I’m interested in have more to the guys that were on the field making the plays,” Jones said.

Gee Jerry, doesn’t the guy calling those plays count for anything? To take it a step further, former Cowboys coach Tom Landry and former Cowboys G.M. Tex Schramm are both in the Ring of Honor, so his logic doesn’t have any merit. 

This is about Jones wanting the credit for the Cowboys Super Bowl wins. Jones is arrogant and egotistical and for the record signs the checks in the Cowboys organization, Ultimately he gets to make those decisions, however misguided they may seem.

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