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Johnny Manziel Lets His Middle Finger Do the Talking

Johnny-Manziel-2Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel appeared for his second preseason game on Monday night and the controversy over the outspoken QB continued due to his actions this time and not his words.

Late during the third quarter of the Browns 24-23 loss to the Washington Redskins, Manziel flipped the bird to the sideline of the Washington Redskins upsetting the Washington sideline and the Browns coaching staff.

Following the game, Mike Pettine the Brown’s head coach said Manziel’s actions did not sit well with him. He did not hear about the incident until after the conclusion of the game.

He said Manziel needed to keep his poise and remain focused, especially since he is the quarterback and is responsible for so much of the execution on offense.

The coach told reporters he would address the situation with Manziel.

The quarterback, during an interview following the game, said he had a lapse in judgment when he threw up his middle finger.

His teammate, Joe Haden said the Redskins players and fans were giving the quarterback a great deal of verbal grief that was too filled with four-lettered words to print.

Brian Orakpo a linebacker for the Redskins, openly mocked Manziel when he raised his hands and performed the money gestured following a sack during the first half.

Manziel said he has words exchanged during the entire game week in and week out and he should have acted smarter.

He said the game was Monday Night Football and the cameras were likely all over him and he needed to be smarter with his actions.

Manziel completed 7 of this 16 passes on the night for 65 yards. One of his completions was a touchdown toss to Dion Lewis out of the backfield. He was under pressure throughout his time on the field.

Brian Hoyer the starting quarterback last season before suffering a season ending knee injury is battling Manziel for the starting spot. He completed 2 of his 6 passes for just 16 yards.

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