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Journalists Report Horror in Hotels in Sochi

Sportswriters from across the globe have started to catalog a list of woes related to accommodations in Sochi, the Russian city that will host the Olympic Games later this week.

Organizers are scrambling to complete the construction of certain hotels only three days prior to the Games’ Opening Ceremony and only two days prior to some of the competitions getting underway.

Journalists started arriving in the resort town on the Black Sea close to a week ahead of the start of the most expensive Winter Olympics to date. Russia has dished out over $51 billion getting everything ready for the upcoming competition that will last for just 17 days.

However, organizers admitted during last week that three out of nine media hotels had not been finished being built. One reporter from a newspaper in England was told upon attempting to check in to his hotel that his room was still being built.

After three hours wait, he was offered another room that did not have any heating, had a single bed and was filled with industrial glue odor.

Even journalists who managed to find a room have found that amenities are much less than what one could call ideal.

One writer from Chicago tweeted that her room did not have water. She was told if the water were restored, do not use it to wash her face since it contains something dangerous. Later she tweeted that her water had been “sort of restored” and she now knows what to look for when searching for dangerous face water.

A Canadian columnist wrote that nearly every room has something missing including TVs, light bulbs, lamps, heats, hot water, curtains, Wi-Fi and shower curtains.

At a Monday news conference, Thomas Back the President of the International Olympic Committee insisted that the resort town was ready for its hosting of the Winter Olympics.

There are concerns about the terrorism the Islamic Militants have carried out from North Caucuses, human rights due to the law Russia has against homosexual propaganda and the unfinished construction.

One member of the journalist crew from the Boston Globe was able to drive his vehicle to within a few hundred feet of the Press Center’s main entrance, which has been unheard of in prior Olympics.

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