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Kevin Love to Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Looking More Likely

NBA rumorsThe Minnesota Timberwolves were only in trade discussions for Kevin Love with one team Wednesday, and that was the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This news makes it seem all the more likely that the All Star power forward, Love, will be joining the Cavaliers and Lebron James by the time the season opener rolls around.

While the Cavaliers have been the leading team in trade negotiations for Love for the past week, it seems only now that the Chicago Bulls, another team trying to put together a strong package for Love, are becoming pessimistic as to their chances to entice the Timberwolves to trade Love to them.

Despite that Andrew Wiggins, this year’s number 1 overall pick, recently signed his rookie contract, and is not eligible for trade until August 23, he will almost certainly be part of the deal that brings Love to the Cavaliers.

The expectation is that, should this deal happen, that the Timberwolves would send Love to the Cavaliers in exchange for Andrew Wiggins, last year’s number 1 overall pick in Anthony Bennett, and the Cav’s first round pick next year.

While adding Lebron James as a free agent this offseason already took the Cavaliers from playoff doubtfuls, to almost certainly competing late into playoffs, the addition of Kevin Love to that mix makes Cleveland legitimate playoff contenders with one of the leagues most impressive big men, talented, developing point guard Kyrie Irving, and the Leagues best player in James.

The Timberwolves would also be big winners in this trade. The team stood no chance of resigning Love when he would become a free agent, so out of him they get two young kids who have plenty of time to develop, with Wiggins being a rookie with superstar potential, and a number one pick next year to help them in their rebuilding process.

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