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Lopez to Turn Himself in to Venezuelan Authorities

Leopoldo Lopez the opposition leader in Venezuela and the target of a police manhunt for his alleged participation in inciting violence at protests against the government that resulted in three people being killed said on Sunday night he would surrender to authorities after holding one last demonstration.

Lopez, in a video taken at an undisclosed location, said he did not fear being arrested but he accused government and law enforcement authorities of violating his constitutional rights of protesting against the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Lopez urged his supporters to group together on Tuesday for a peaceful march in white shirts to the Interior Ministry with him. It is there, he said he would deliver his petition, which will demand a complete investigation of the role of the government in the three deaths, he said.

He said following the protest that he would turn himself in to authorities. Lopez in the video said he has not committed a crime. If a decision were made to put him in jail legally then he would submit himself to the persecution.

The comments by Lopez came following the raid on his home by security forces as well as the raiding of his parents’ home on Saturday, seeking to serve him with an arrest warrant that charges him with homicide, terrorism and vandalism of public property.

The opposition leader was not at his home or his parent’s home on Saturday in the eastern district of Caracas. Aides said that neighbors banged on pots and pans in protest in what they called an arbitrary order for detention.

The two raids capped one more night of protesting in the streets of Caracas during which rubber bullets and tear gas was fired by security forces to disperse nearly 500 students. The student vowed to stay on the Caracas streets until the demonstrators that had been arrested in their anti-government protest were released.

Authorities said nearly two dozen people were receiving treatment for injuries but none was life threatening.

Lopez is a former mayor and educated at Harvard. He is the most prominent out of a group of hardliners representing the opposition. The groups are challenging Henrique Capriles, a two-time candidate for president, for the leadership of the anti-Maduro movement.

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