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Los Angeles Clippers Sale Official

Blake GriffinThe sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has gone through and is now official.

Ballmer’s $2 billion bid to purchase the franchise became official Tuesday after an order from a California court confirmed that Shelly Sterling, wife of beleaguered, and now former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, had the authority to sell the team on behalf of the Sterling family trust.

“It’s very, very exciting. I’m a basketball nut,” Ballmer told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne in an interview. “I’ve got time. I love Los Angeles. I love Seattle, too, which is where we have our home. But the notion of spending a lot of time in Los Angeles has been exciting to me for years. The community down there is great. I look forward to supporting the community, the fan base, the staff, Doc [Rivers] and the players to take this thing to higher heights.”

Ballmer signed the deal almost immediately following the release of Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas’ written order that cleared Shelly Sterling to sell the Clippers without the consent of Donald Sterling.

“Was I kind of itchy? Sure. But I knew the only thing I could do or should do was complete the final deal, and we were able to do that this morning,” Ballmer said on Tuesday.

With the sale official, the franchise can begin putting the unpleasant events the Clippers have dealt with since early this year after Donald Sterling’s racist comments led the Clipper’s owner to receive a lifetime ban from the NBA.

Clippers’ coach Doc Rivers and star point guard Chris Paul had both considered sitting out this season if Donald Sterling remained the owner.

With the sale complete, and the Ballmer era now underway, the Clippers will be striving for increased success and further journey’s into the playoffs.

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