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Los Angeles Clippers: Steve Ballmer Arrives in Tinsel Town

Steve BallmerSteve Ballmer the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA franchise made a huge first impression on Monday on the world of sports, when he was the leader of a pep rally for the Clippers faithful at the Staples Center.

The former CEO of Microsoft ranted, raved, yelled and screamed doing all he could to drive those attending the event into craziness.

However, for those watching that were part of the business world that have followed for many years, this was only Ballmer being Ballmer.

Last week Ballmer finally closed on his purchase of $2 billion for the Clippers franchise from Donald Sterling. He wasted little time in getting to know his new team and its surroundings. Sports radio talk show hosts were dumbstruck and hysterical over Ballmer’s action’s Monday night. However, they likely never had heard the former CEO at the software giant at one of the company’s big events.

Ballmer was known for doing similar things during large events hosted by Microsoft, including screaming, sweating and going into uncontrolled rants and raves or enthusiasm as he called it.

He appeared on stage in front of the thousands of fans with head coach Doc Rivers and star players such as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

The players were a bit surprised or bemused by their new owners’ antics. However, everyone is pleased that the controversy that struck last May during the playoffs with former owner Donald Sterling are now behind the club and basketball can once again be the focus of the players, coaches and management.

Rumors were that Doc Rivers would not play for Sterling if the former owner was allowed to keep the team. Players had even threatened to walk out on Sterling as well.

However, with Ballmer at the helm, Rivers and his players will put the past few months behind them and focus on bringing an NBA championship to Los Angeles, albeit to the Clippers and not the Lakers.

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