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Michael Vick: NFL has Little Patience for Young Quarterbacks

geno-smith-michael-vickMichael Vick stated publicly a number of months ago he would be engaged in a rigged competition for the starting quarterback job against last year’s New York Jets starter Geno Smith.

While the brass with the Jets vehemently denied that Smith had the starting job and went forward with their claims of a fair competition.

Vick has made his thoughts and opinions known often this past offseason. However, he has never wavered from his support of Smith, while at the same time letting everyone who will listen know he is around and ready if the Jets need him.

That could be considered by some to be doublespeak on Vick’s part, but the reality is the veteran is voicing an understanding he has that patience in the NFL is thin for young, struggling quarterbacks, especially those that have a coach who is fighting to hold onto his job.

Vick spoke to New York City media and said Geno had taken a step forward and should be ready to lead the Jets.

However, there have been many quarterbacks that were starters when they were rookies and young and what they need to know is they have to win.

Vick added that regardless of the number of years a quarterback has in the league, you have to go on the field, get it done and win.

Vick said there was not much patience for him and there was little patience for Brett Favre.

He said he had seen Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan play, as rookies as well as Ben Roethlisberger and they all had to get and done and they succeeded in getting it done.

While all games in the preseason should not be analyzed too much, Smith has not yet shown anything making observers believe he has massively improved from the inconsistent rookie season of last year and that he can carry the Jets team.

Smith likely will need to produce more on offense, as the Jets defense could end up giving up large amounts of points.

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