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Montana State vs Arkansas State

The Montana State Bobcats will face off against the Arkansas State Red Wolves at Liberty Bank Stadium. The FCS Bobcats will have to face a tough ground and pound Arkansas State. Montana had a decent 7-5 season in the FCS. But now they are facing an FBS opponent that has a very physical offensive team. Arkansas State went 7-5 during their regular season, and made it to a bowl game against Ball State, which they won 23-20. Arkansas State will return some of their running back core that did so well last season, and also add some new young recruited running backs.

Keys for the Montana State Bobcats:
 Jake Bleskin will have to take over the passing duties at the QB position. Last season Bleskin played in 6 games at QB and went 60 for 94 with 6 TD’s and 4 interceptions. The junior Bleskin will have to step up his game for the Bobcats this season.
 The leading tackler from last seasons team Alex Singleton is back for the Bobcats, and he will be out for blood. Singleton also had three interceptions last year to go with his tackling ability.

Keys for the Arkansas State Red Wolves:
 Arkansas State returns their best runner from last season in Michael Gordon. Gordon has 10 career touchdowns for the Red Wolves, and this season being one of the few returning backs he will undoubtedly get more scoring chances.
 Fredi Knighten takes over at QB. Although the Red Wolves are a rushing team, they still need a competent passer under center. Knighten will need to prove that he is the guy for the job.

Favorite/Odds: Arkansas State by 25 points

Arkansas State will be using its linemen to further their rushing attack from last season. The Red Wolves will surely know what is coming from this FCS team that should act as their tune-up opponent.

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