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NBA Lottery Overhaul Opposed by Philadelphia 76ers

NBA Draft

NBA DraftThe NBA is looking to make big changes to their annual draft lottery, but is facing considerable opposition from the Philadelphia 76ers, the team most likely to be negatively impacted by any draft lottery changes.

The measures to reform the draft lottery were discussed at league meetings earlier this month, and could be ratified at the Leagues preseason meetings in October. While there are still various aspects of the proposals that have yet to be finalized, the goal of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is to help balance out the lottery odds so that the worst team is the most likely to recieve the best pick.

As it stands now, the worst team in the NBA stands a 25% chance of winning the draft lottery and thus the 1st overall pick. The team with the 5th worst record has an 8.8 percent chance of winning the lottery.

In the new format, the bottom 5 or 6 teams would all have an equal chance of winning the draft lottery. What this kind of change in format could do is essentially squeeze the likelihood of winning at either end of the lottery pool towards a more balanced system where each of the 14 lottery teams has a relatively similar chance of winning the whole thing.

This could be seen as an anti-tanking measure as there would be less incentive to perform more poorly in order for drastically higher odds at the number 1 pick.

The 76ers are in opposition in large part because they are in the middle of a multi-year rebuilding process that could be hindered by the new rules.

The 76ers have been stockpiling picks and are likely to have a very poor 2014 campaign. All of these things make them oppose the idea that they, at least in their eyes, are being punished for previously established rules. As such, the team is petitioning the league to hold off on the changes for at least a year.

It is unlikely, however, that the 76ers get much support from within league offices.

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