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New Galaxy S5 Appealing to Fans of Fitness

Samsung is hoping consumers shape up this year. The South Korea based company unveiled on Monday its newest generation Galaxy S5 smartphone. The phone will be available in April. The electronics giant also unveiled a pair of watches that were fitness themed.

Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress is now in full swing and several major announcements regarding smartphones have been made.

Considering the continued fascination the U.S. has with fitness and related products, the announcement by Samsung is a good idea. Samsung is attempting to combine a top of the line tracker for fitness with the attributes of its own smartwatches and smartphones.

The new S5 and the new watches were unveiled in Barcelona. The S5 includes a heart rate monitor that is built-in, a pedometer as well as a fitness tracker. A sensor on the backside of the phone can check heart rates.

However, the real fitness gurus will head for the Gear Fit smartwatch by Samsung, which does the same things as the smartphone, but in more of a user-friendly way. The heart rate can be checked in seconds by just opening the app for it.

While a number of people already are accustomed to using fitness bands either all the time or during workouts, many might think twice about them before running or being tied to a smartphone the size of S5.

The new Fit Gear is styled well being light, thin and having a curved screen. The Fit will let you know when you receive calls, text messages and even emails. However, you cannot make a call on it or take a picture with it.

The new Gear 2 watch by Samsung comes with fitness features that includes a pedometer and heart monitor. The watch is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Calls can be made from the watch and pictures can be taken along with videos.

Unlike the first Samsung smartwatch, the newer ones pair with many Samsung handsets giving the consumer more options for the device they primarily use.

Samsung plans to also introduce a Gear 3 Neo that is slightly less expensive, which will not include a camera or be available in a wide variety of colors.

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