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NFL Network praises NFL’s ‘iron fist’ following Ray Rice suspension

In discussing the recent NFL decision to suspend Ray Rice for two games, the league-owned TV network showed just who pays its bills.

Chris Rose called the decision, “the iron fist of the NFL.” The iron fist.



This is what the NFL Network thinks of a two-game suspension for the beating of a fiance and the dragging of her out of an elevator by her hair.

They even consulted expert Shawne Merriman, a former linebacker for the Chargers and Dolphins, who had been accused of beating his then-girlfriend, Tila Tequila, while still an NFL player in 2009. Merriman was not charged in that case, choosing to settle out of court with Tequila, and was therefore not suspended by the league.

By taking such a soft stance against domestic abuse, the National Football League has essentially ranked it below the use of a drug that has been slowly becoming legal across the nation within which it is located. The NFL has historically come down with a much harder than this “iron fist” on players caught smoking weed, God forbid they have a little fun with a drug that has been equivocated with alcohol. Apparently it is much more acceptable to punch your fiance, then drag her by the hair. Let’s just see how well Rice’s jersey sells this season.

This just goes to show the exact definition of conflict of interest. Government-run new organizations in the past have always put a positive spin on the bad things that their government was doing, so is it really a surprise that an NFL run news organization would praise its owner basically giving a man a slap on the wrist for abusing a woman? The short answer is no.

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