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NFL Players: Irsay Punishment a “Slap On The Wrist”

jim irsayIt was almost predictable. Players and others around the NFL think that the six-game suspension and $500,000 fine issued to the Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was not sufficient enough punishment. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and without the punishment yesterday after her say pled guilty to driving while impaired. Marseille will not be allowed to attend any games or practices and is not allowed to be the team’s facility until the day after the Colts play the Houston Texans, October 9.

Many players around the league spoke about a double standard for owners as opposed to players.

“For your organization to win ballgames, I don’t really see that playing a big part with it,”Tennessee Titans safety Michael Griffin said. “What does it do actually to the team? Suspend him for six games — he can still watch at home, he’s on vacation. $500,000 just lets you know how much he’s actually making.

“How does that affect the actual team? I don’t see it affecting the team like losing draft picks or something of that nature. … Same 53 men. You’re going to win games with him there or not.”

Jerry Hughes, who was traded to Buffalo by the Colts in 2013, noted how Irsay was fined only $500,000 while Denver Broncos receiver Wes Welker will lose $1.8 million while serving his four-game suspension for breaking the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

“I’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves,” Hughes said. “I mean, he’s a billionaire, so I’m pretty sure [$500,000] won’t hurt too badly.”

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