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North Korea Tests Missiles off Coast

According to a spokesperson in the Defense Ministry in South Korea, secretive neighbors North Korea test fired two missiles that were short range on Monday. The missile test was said to have taken place on the eastern coast of North Korea.

The spokesperson at the defense ministry said South Korea was on high alert and were monitoring the situation. The ministry called upon the government of North Korea to stop launching missiles.

The two missiles launched were said to be Scud missiles that traveled more than 300 miles, said South Korean defense ministry.

The missiles were launched into the sea, announced Yonhap the semi-official news agency from South Korea.

Last Thursday, four shorter-range Scud missiles were also fired by the North Koreans off their eastern coast into the sea, said authorities. Those missiles traveled just over 137 miles, said Yonhap. This took place only days after the beginning of the yearly military exercises jointly performed between the United States and South Korea.

Those exercises routinely are the cause of much friction amongst all three countries.

Last year’s annual exercises started weeks of tensions between the three countries with North Korean threatening to start a nuclear war.

The launch last Thursday was the first that North Korea fired Scud missiles since 2009, which are capable of traveling over the entire Korean Peninsula, said officials from South Korea.

Experts in foreign policy said that missile firings by North Korea might not cause a repeat of the outspoken, strong comments from North Korean that took place last year.

The threats last year included preemptive strikes with nuclear weapons against South Korea and the United States. The North Koreans also said that the declaration in 1953 that the armistice ended the Korean War was no longer valid.

The military exercises continue in the sea off the shores of South Korea between the U.S. and the South Koreans.

No response has been received from North Korea after it was announced by the South Koreans that the North has shot off two more missiles during the day on Monday.

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