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Portland State vs Oregon State College Football Preview


The Portland State Vikings travel to face their in-state opponents the Oregon State Beavers. Portland State went 6-6 last year in the FCS Big Sky conference. Oregon State had one of the best passing offenses in the nation, while their rushing game was virtually non-existent. Oregon State also went 6-6 in the regular season last year, but since they were in the PAC-12 they received a bowl bid to face Boise State in the Hawaii Bowl, which they won 38-23. Beaver fans will be hoping to start this season off against a team such as Portland State, since their PAC-12 conference opponents get tougher every year.

Keys for the Portland State Vikings:

  • Portland State faced a much easier opponent last year when they beat Eastern Oregon 57-17. This matchup with the beavers will certainly favor Oregon State, but Portland State will be able to take the lessons from this game and use it against their future opponents.
  • D.J. Adams will have to do better at QB, last year he had 1652 yards and 19 touchdowns. Oregon State isn’t known for its defense and perhaps Adams will take advantage of this weakness.

-Keys for the Oregon State Beavers:

  • Oregon State has a very experienced QB coming back for 2014. Sean Mannion has had an impressive three years with the beavers including 10,436 yards and 68 touchdowns. However, Mannion does have the tendency to turn the bowl over, a problem which he will need to fix.
  • Without a running game the Oregon State defense is often on the field for long chunks of the game. This defense allowed more then 30 points per game, a number that must come down if they are to stand a chance in the PAC-12.


–Favorite/Odds; Oregon State by 18 points

The beavers want to win their non-conference games, because it is difficult to scrape out wins against the PAC-12 opponents. Portland State will do all that they can to make their non-conference games just as difficult. In the end Oregon State will need to prove to themselves that they can win enough games to go bowling.

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