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Rapper Shot at Las Vegas Resort

Police were investigating leads on Saturday in the fatal shooting at a posh suite of a Las Vegas Resort of an upcoming rapper.

Evan Plunkett, who police say performed under Hollywood Will, was shot and killed when a fight erupted with three men and the rapper, at a party held in the Palms Casino Resort.

Others that were involved in the fight on Thursday night fled the scene prior to police arriving. Police had not made any arrest, but said up to 50 people had attended the party.

A music video at the party was in the process of being filmed when the argument took place between Plunkett, who was 25, and the three men, said friends.

A friend and neighbor of Plunkett’s mother said that the rapper was attempting to get those who were fighting to calm down, but was shot in his chest.

Rescue personnel rushed Plunkett to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

One eyewitness said that Plunkett’s brother had suffered broken bones when trying to pull Evan from the fight.

The Palms contain some of Las Vegas’ most extravagant suites for parties, including the Sky Villa that is 9,000 square feet and costs $40,000 per night.

Randi Flippin who is a friend of Plunkett said she could not believe the suspects had not been apprehended. She said it was hard to believe no one knows anything and that there were no suspects. She called it insane to believe that 50 people were present and not one saw anything.

Plunkett was pursuing his love for rap music after being an aviation mechanic while serving in the Marines.

While he was in boot camp, his father died in an automobile accident and he lost his best friend in a shooting incident.

Those who were close to Plunkett said he was likely helping break the altercation up at the time of his death as that was one thing he always tried to do.

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