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Schools Looking At Sales of Beer for Much Needed Cash

beerSome athletic departments that have become cash strapped outside the big Power Five conference are starting to use the sale of beer as another revenue stream at football games, and more schools across the nation could follow suit.

While drinking beer is common outside stadiums at universities around the country at tailgate parties, a large number of schools have brought the party inside. The schools have set up beer sales in areas that for years have traditionally be alcohol free.

SMU, North Texas as well as Troy University all will start selling beer this season to the public at games. The three schools are amongst 21 football stadiums on campus where any fan that is of legal age will be able to drink a beer.

That number is over twice the amount there were just five seasons ago.

A president of a consulting firm that specializes in solutions for college sports said every college or university is looking at way to increase their revenue streams, and beer is just one of them.

Most schools only allow alcohol to be served in the premium seating area, if at all.

However, offering alcohol is becoming more and more attractive to schools, especially those that need more fans to come to games and not stay at home.

The schools are also encouraged by those schools that started the trend and have reported back that there has not been an increase in the amount of bad behavior from college students or other fans.

According to one survey, the 21 schools that sell beer now that own and also operate the stadiums, 50% of their revenue from concessions is alcohol and all but four are not in one of the Power Five conferences.

The athletic director at Troy estimates that beer could bring in commissions of $200,000 this season. According to a contract the school has with a local concessionaire, Troy will be paid 43% of gross beer sales.

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