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Seven Face Trespassing Charges at Home of Ray Allen

Seven people have been charged with trespassing at the home of Ray Allen the former player with the Miami Heat, while his family, his wife and four children, were sleeping upstairs.

Police said that teens ranging from 18- to 19-years of age had been attending the party of Allen’s next door neighbor.

The teens entered Allen’s house through the front door that had been left unlocked last week at the Coral Gables home.

Shannon Allen, Ray’s wife, said she was awoken by the sound of male voices with flashlights that spoke loudly about the Allen’s person property.

The terrified woman screamed and the intruders took off running. She phoned police, according to the police statement.

The group of teens told police they had thought the Allen’s were not living there any longer and wanted to see the type of house an NBA player lived in.

Initially police released all the teens because there had not been any forced entry, nothing was taken and they had no intent.

When that happened the attorney for the Allen’s said both were upset that charges had not been filed since there had been a crime committed that left the Allen’s both vulnerable and scared.

Shannon Allen gave state prosecutors sworn testimony to support filing the charges, said Gregory Victory her attorney. The Allen’s could have asked the police not to file any charges.

Prosecutors said the Allen’s could not make a decision on the charges to be filed, saying state prosecutors were the ones to decide that.

If the seven are convicted each could spend as much as one year behind bars for a first-degree trespassing charge, which is a misdemeanor.

None of the seven lives in the neighborhood and none were known to the couple.

The attorney for Allen said they were satisfied with the charges filed.

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