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Sony and Samsung Opening Spaces in U.S. Best Buy Stores

Sony and Samsung plan to broaden their presence in retail as both electronics giants announced this past week they would open their own individual “experience” space in select branches of Best Buy across the United States to promote their lines of televisions.

According to Samsung in a press release, the South Korea based company will open close to 500 spaces called Samsung Entertainment Experience inside Best Buy select stores.

The spaces, said Samsung, will underscore the dynamic specs of the latest line of Samsung televisions and will have on display the new award winning curved ultra-high definition televisions.

With the spectacular new ultra high definition curved TVs, Samsung has set new standards for innovation and for developing the ultimate viewing experience for those people who are passionate about their entertainment, said the President of Samsung in America Tim Baxter.

Chief Merchandising Officer Mike Mohan from Best Buy said the company was pleased and excited that Samsung was once again entering into a partnership with the company so their products will be more visible across the retail arena, just as it did with its computing and mobile products previously.

According to a Sony press release, the company will have close to 350 Sony Experience spaces inside select locations of Best Buy in the United States.

Sony’s shop-in-shops will have a broad selection of its TVs from the least expensive HDTV’s to their top of the line 4K Ultra HD televisions.

The COO and President of Sony Electronics Mike Fasulo said Sony was welcoming consumers to enjoy the best that Sony has in a unique and premium shopping experience inside Best Buy.

The press release from Sony said the spaces inside Best Buy were ideal to engage, inspire and to education the consumer about the products of home theater of Sony.

The consumer will enjoy a Sony shopping experience like no other.

Sony recently reported its earnings that disappointed and put more pressure on its CEO.

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