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Sprint Offering Trial of One Month for Free

Sprint announced a new promotion that allows its new customers to use the network of the company for 30 days at no cost.

This latest promotion by Sprint is likely in response to the marketing promotion known as Seven Night Stand offered by T-Mobile a rival.

There has not been much time since the start of T-Mobile Seven Night Stand or Test Drive marketing promotion that gives customers the ability to test an iPhone 5S on the network of T-Mobile for a week at no cost.

On June 23, it was announced by Sprint is promotion satisfaction guaranteed that will give users of mobile phones the opportunity to experience and try its network free of cost for 30 days.

Sprint in a prepared statement said that the new promotion provides the users of wireless a risk free trial on Sprint’s new improved network, including the unique services of its Framily plan.

If the customers are not satisfied with their experience on Sprint with the 20-day trial period, Sprint will refund the entire cost of their handset and waive the activation and service charges.

The satisfaction guaranteed Sprint offer will begin June 27 and Sprint’s new customers will be able to find it at company owned stores and from preferred retailers.

The existing Sprint customers can take advantage of this offer if they would like to add an additional line.

As well as announcing the trial offer of satisfaction guaranteed, Sprint also has taken the time to announce it has overhauled the 3G network it has and deployed its 4G LTE in over 470 markets.

Sprint now claims that its network has improved quality for calls and faster speeds for data.

The smartphone market competition has intensified and that includes the rivalry within the telecommunications industry. T-Mobile and Sprint are the two smallest of the biggest four wireless providers in the United States.

However, through launching the trial offers, both of the companies hope to gain many new users from the rival companies.

What will be interesting to watch and see if Verizon and AT&T also jump on the bandwagon to introduce a trail offers to help customers experience using their services.

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