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Joseph Etzel

Joseph graduated from Western Kentucky University and contributes regularly on business and finance news. He and his wife love to travel and can frequently been seen cruising the Bahamas and the Carrribean.

Joel Rose

Joel worked as a freelance writer prior to joining The Low Post News. He got his start at the News & Observer and The Raleigh Times, and frequently contributes lifestyle and health articles to the site.

Ernest Dane

Earnest is our technology expert and he spends lots of his time reviewing new products and resorting his findings. In case you were wondering he is a Mac guy having converted form the PC world years ago.

Judith K. Morgan

When she isn’t covering politics, Judity is a tutor at Wlshire Learning Center, working with students ages 6 to 18.She earned her diploma form the University of Florida where she honed her cart with campus news media.

Ruth A. Williams

Ohioian by birth and a proud Ohio University graduate Ruth writes about business primarily but loves to cover lifestyle issues as well. She has a direct approach to writing something she learned from her father who was a career journalist.