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Steelers LeGarrette Blount and Le’Veon Bell Arrested

Ross Township, Pennsylvania Detective Brian Kohlhepp confirmed that LeGarrette Blount and Le’Veon Bell two running backs from the Pittsburgh Steelers had been stopped around 1:30 pm on Wednesday .

The two men along with a female passenger in the backseat, who was not identified were detained and held in custody. The three admitted to possession of marijuana.

Burth Lauten, the communications coordinator for the Steelers said the team was aware of reports but were still gathering all the information. Lauten said at the current time, the team would not make any further comment.

Bell’s black Camaro was spotted by a traffic officer after smelling the odor of marijuana. A bag of medium size with approximately 20 grams of marijuana was found inside the car.

The detective anticipates that charges of marijuana possession, a misdemeanor, will be filed against Blount, Bell and the woman. However, Kohlhepp said that has yet to happen.

Kohlhepp told reporters that Bell was the driver of the vehicle and he also anticipates that Bell will be charged with driving under the influence.

Bell was driven to a local hospital to have blood samples drawn due to suspicion of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Marijuana.

An insider reported that Blount had traveled with Pittsburgh to Philadelphia for a preseason game on Thursday versus the Eagles, according to one team source.

Bell did not travel on Wednesday with the team, but he paid his own way and was present with members of the team in Philadelphia, said the same team source.

The summons along with the charges is to be delivered to the three via mail. Police noted that all three people had been cooperative and once all the paperwork was completed, had been released quickly.

If charged formally, both of the players would also be subjected to the substance abuse policy of the NFL.

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